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Scheduling an appointment

JEANfreelancer allows you to schedule appointments and work items. Here an appointment to clean Brightwich Primary School has been scheduled for 9a.m. on Monday 6th. June 2005. It is estimated that the job will take three and a quarter hours. The entry for Brightwich Primary school in the address book holds information for how much we charge this client and so JEAN tells us how much the job will cost. When we come to carry out the job, the times can be changed to reflect the actual hours worked.

If we have a regular arrangement with a client, such as a weekly job, this need be recorded once only and freelancer will show it in the correct place in the diary each week.

Viewing Appointments

You can view your appointments for any time period. Each client is allocated a colour which will be displayed on the chart. JEAN displays the description of each job as a mouseover on the chart.

Creating Invoices and Timesheets

You can create an invoice for a customer for a single job or for a period of work. JEAN will work out total costs and keep track of invoice numbers. If you are a contract worker, you can create a weekly timesheet. All documents can be configured with your company information at setup time.

Why we created freelancer

Like many people, we have a number of friends who eagerly started their own businesses only to find there are not the tools to support all the administration and paperwork that has to be done.

One of our friends runs a property maintenance business. When someone rings with a job, she schedules it in her diary. After she has carried the work out, she makes a note of the hours she worked. At the end of each month, she faces the daunting task of deciphering her annotations and working out how many hours she has worked for each client. This means invoices get delayed and the cashflow, and hence the health of the business, is affected.

So freelancer includes features to keep track of jobs, and how long each takes. We have made it easy to run off invoices and create work schedules so you can plan your appointments more easily.

An appointment for 6 June 2005

Weekly Period Plan